Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rip-it, Rip-it; the song of frogs and crochet designers!

Some people are born with a nack for designing. They just intuitively know what to do to get a design to turn out the way they want it to. Their designs flow smoothly, and turn out beautifully. Ahh, yes, how talented, how gifted they are!
But I will let you in on a secret; even designers who have been at it for years sometimes struggle with designs. And for some reason, the smaller the item, the harder it is to get it right (at least for me!) David still laughs about the weekend I was obsessed with designing the perfect tiny rolled rose. I needed a realistic little rose to put in the basket of a doll I was working on.  I must have made dozens (dare I say hundreds?) before I finally  came up with one that looked the way I wanted it to. My workroom and the coffee table in the living room were littered with tiny roses. On small items like this, I usually don't  rip the work out, I just toss the finished item aside and start all over. I didn't even want to stop to eat or sleep until I finally got it right. 

And I can't even guess at how many cats I made for the Harvest Moon doily before I finally came up with one that I liked!
I guess what I am saying here is don't get discouraged if your design doesn't turn out right the first time. Rip it out, and start again. I have a rule that I make myself follow:  if I notice that I have made a mistake in a design or it just isn't going the way I want it to, I rip it out right away instead of fretting and fuming about it. It is easier for me just to get it over with and move on. Because if the designer is not happy with the way a design looks, you can bet no one else will be!


Natalia Kononova said...

You're right. I'm going to put a link on this post in my blog where I gather tips on how to become a crochet designer. Thank you.

PequePunto said...
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