Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Years Resolutions (for Crochet!)

Every year I make resolutions, but somehow they never work out; I still need to loose the same 20 pounds I did last year, and I still need to get organized. I just can't seem to stay motivated past February. Maybe if my resolutions were things I enjoy doing, I would have better luck. So this year, I am going to make some resolutions that will be fun to keep- crochet resolutions! Here is my list:

1: I will crochet for fun a little bit every day. As a professional designer, I spend most of my day with a hook in my hand, but I am always working on the next design. Seldom do I crochet anything that is not going to be a pattern that I will sell, and sometimes I miss just crocheting  for no particular reason. So I will just play around with something fun and relaxing for a little while everyday (and who knows, it could turn into a pattern book!)

2: I will learn some new stitches or techniques. I find myself using the same stitches in my designs over and over because I like them and I am comfortable using them. But I know in order to keep my designs fresh and exciting, I need to add new elements to them. So I will be looking for some new stitches to add to my repertoire. Any suggestions?

3: I will teach someone to crochet, and encourage everyone I can to try thread crochet. I get emails all the time saying "I love your designs, but I only crochet with yarn, not thread," and the most dreaded comment of all- "What you are doing is wonderful; thread crochet is a dying art!" I want the world to wake up and realize that not only is thread crochet NOT dying, it is just as easy as crocheting with yarn (and much more beautiful, in my opinion!)

Well, I think that is enough to start with, I don't want to overwhelm myself. I will let you know how I do on keeping them.
Have you made any crochet resolutions for 2011?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

 During this blessed Christmas season,
I wish you joy;

Quiet moments to reflect on the true meaning of the season;

  Blessings of love and peace;

      Childlike wonder;
And precious memories of Christmas' past.
May every joy of Christmas be yours!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Computer Blues

I got home from visiting my family a couple of weeks ago to discover that my computer had died; it just would not come on when I pushed the "start" button. I only slightly panicked, and David and I made a quick trip to Dallas to buy a new computer (braving the weekend-after-Thanksgiving traffic!)
I have an online backup service, so one of the first things I did was try to get all my files restored to my new computer; there were a few glitches, but for the most part, it worked well. The things I was most concerned about (my patterns and my pictures) were restored. If anything is missing, I haven't discovered it yet.
But I have been thinking about how much of my life is on this computer; every bit of my work for the last 6 years! I don't even have hard copies of most of my patterns. So, my early New Year's resolution is to get all my patterns backed up in another way (in addition to the online service) and to print out all of my patterns and put them in binders.
And I can't help but be struck by the contrast of my old fashioned crochet designs and modern day technology; this is where two worlds collide!
Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A Crocheter's Christmas

A Crocheter's Christmas

T'was the week before Christmas
I was all in a tizzy
I had projects to finish;
I had to get busy!
My crochet hook flew
Like Santa's reindeer.
I must finish each item
Before Christmas got here.
I'd finished the angel for the top of the tree,
Now to make two more stockings; or did I need three?
Just a few more rows and Will's blanket would be done.
And I thought, if I hurried, I could make Lilly one.
The table was trimmed with a runner of lace
And I'd tucked a new tree skirt around the tree's base.
I'd made afghans and sweaters
and scarves by the score
Hats, gloves and mittens,
But I still needed more!
My hook flew faster;
There was no time to waste
As I worked each stitch in frantic haste.
I'd no time for singing carols this year.
And I decided to skip all the parties and cheer;
I was much too busy; Christmas was here!

Visions of doilies danced through my head;
I had to keep working;
No time for bed!
I'd finished one blanket and started another,
When a thump on the roof top made me look up in wonder.
And a crash from the chimney caused me to jump;
As Santa Claus landed in the floor with a bump!
I sprang from my chair in shock and surprise;
Santa Claus! I could hardly believe my eyes!
“But Santa!” I cried, “You are not due for a week!”
He dusted off his britches and started to speak.
“I've come early to give you a present, my Dear.
There is something you really need to hear.
You are so worried about the gifts and the giving
You are not taking time to just enjoy living.
The presents you make are lovely, it's true,
But what your family and friends really want is YOU!
So put down that hook, you've done enough for this year;
Christmas is a time to share love and good cheer.”
Then he gave me a hug, and up the chimney he flew.
And I dropped my crochet hook; I knew what I must do.
I had to get into bed right away;
Tomorrow would be such a busy day.
Baking cookies with the kids,
Visiting friends far and near,
Shopping and caroling,
And spreading good cheer.

I knew Santa was right;
I had lost sight of the reason
I crocheted so frantically
to brighten the season.
I had wanted each item I crocheted to be
An expression of my love for my friends and family.
But when it keeps me from sharing this joyous season,
I must set it aside (well, within reason!)

So, some of my gifts might not get finished this year,
But my Christmas will be filled with love and good cheer.
And to all of my friends, I just want to say
Merry Christmas to All, and Happy Crochet!
                                                    Elizabeth Ann White
                                                                  December 7,  2010

Copyright Elizabeth Ann White for BellaCrochet 2010.
All rights reserved.