Monday, February 22, 2010

Angel of Love Doily

Here is the "Angel of Love" doily in progress. Actually, all I have left is her hair (I always do the hair last, for some reason) and putting some eyes and bills on the little love birds. Poor thing, she looks so pitiful with that pin stuck in her head, doesn't she? (it wouldn't lay flat, it hasn't been blocked yet) But hopefully she will get some hair today. Then I can block her and glue her all together.
Would you believe there was a time when I would never dream of using glue on one of my designs? I sewed everything together, if I couldn't join as I went (what a pain that was, especially writing the patterns!) Then one day I realized just a tiny drop of glue could hold a small item better, and would actually show up less, than sewing it would. And sometimes, things that I sewed on went wonky on me, no matter how hard I tried to keep them straight! So I converted to glue, and have lived happily ever since. Well, as far as assembling doilies goes, anyway.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Time for Tea Set

It has taken me a lot longer to get the Time for Tea set ready for testing (about 2 weeks longer!) but I think I am almost there. I have spent this week working on the patterns and took some photos today. I think it is turning out really cute. Here is the set all together: It includes the Tea Pot and Tea Cup Wall Art, a Tea Cup Sachet and a Tea Pot Potpourri Bowl. This is the gift pattern that will come with purchase of the set. It was so much fun to make!
I am really loving these colors right now. They are Aqua, Orchid Pink and French Rose from Aunt Lydia. I want to use the Aqua with everything; a sunny yellow, a soft violet, more of the pinks and especially RED! I would love to do a whole set of doilies, using Aqua as the element that ties them all together. I think it would be a very cheerful and bright set!
Anyway, one more read through, and I am sending the Tea Set out for testing.
I have also been working on the Angel of Love doily, and will try to post a sneak peek picture sometime this weekend.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetie!

A day for love birds; A day filled with Cherubs and hearts;

A day for giving roses to the one you love; A day to Crochet!
(Oh, wait, that is everyday, isn't it?)

Sending you lots of love on this Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Pretty in Pink

The talented Jenny has done it again! Just look at her version of "Lucy and Jack's Afternoon Stroll"!Being the pink lover that I am, I literally squealed with delight when I saw her doily on Ravelry. I may have to make another version just like it. Oh, just look at Jack's green eye; perfect!

I love, love, love to see what talented crocheters like Jenny do with my designs. It is wonderful that just changing the colors gives a design a whole new look and feel.

Thanks for sharing your talent and brilliant eye for color, Jenny!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Woodland Fairy Is In My Etsy Shop

Deep in the forest, inside an old hollow log, there lives a tiny Woodland Fairy. She spends her days flying through the forest, keeping her watchful eye on all the plants and creatures who live there.
Her friend, the Dragonfly tries to keep up with her as she flits here and there, making sure all is well. She pauses to visit with another friend, a tiny snail. And together they admire a mystical toadstool ring, which has magically appeared overnight.

I have added the Woodland Fairy Doily to my Etsy shop. I hope you like her!

I would like to thank Marie Read, Jewel Fernley and Diana Mitchell for testing the Woodland Fairy and the Fairy Lace Doily patterns. I do not know how I ever got along without my testers!