Sunday, January 02, 2011

Craft Gossip Blog

I am so pleased to be featured on the Craft Gossip Blog this week! I appreciate all the nice things said about my designs:
Check it out if you have a moment!


Julie said...

I love Craft Gossip! I love looking through all the different craft posts there. Congrats on your feature!

Typstatting said...

Congrats on your feature and the swan is stunning as well as the doily!

Lulica con cariño said...

Bellisimo!!!, en cuanto pueda intentare hacerlo, aunque no se ve el cuerpo pero trataré de hacerlo, gracias por postearlo, un beso y feliz año!!!

paula said...

I Love Your Blog.

Due to your style, I would like to pass along the Stylish Blog Award to you. Please stop over to the Crochet and Cross Stitch Pattern Slut and pick up your award. Then, pay it forward:0}


Hello from Michigan. Your crochet creations are truly beautiful. Congratulation on your feature. Hugs Judy

Mindy said...

Just beautiful! Amazing.

I'm a new follower--I look forward to seeing all your projects!

Z said...

What a beautiful swan.

How long did it take you to crochet that?

Congratulations on the gossip blog.

Ann said...

The swan took a couple of weeks for me to make, but I was also designing it and writting the pattern at the same time. And there were several times I had to rip out sections and start all over. If you are familiar with working pineapples, it shouldn't take too long to make it.

Z said...

No, I'm not familiar with pineapples.

I haven't even done granny squares yet.

No problem. I will just add "pineapples" to the list of things I want to learn.

Thank you.