Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Time Designs

Easter is just a few weeks away, and Mother's Day is right around the corner. I have been working on a set of doilies called "Autumn Lace Doilies" which should be available in a few weeks, but I am read to think about some of my favorite Spring Time designs.
Enchanting Easter Basket Doily and Wall Art.

The background can also be used as a candlemat doily.

The Spring Time Bouquet.

The Easter Bonnet Sachet, which is the gift pattern that comes with the Spring Time Bouquet.

Blue Birds of Happiness Doily.
And of course, the Flower Garden Fairy always makes me think of spring.

She is one of my all time favorite designs.

The 'Time for Tea' set

The gift doily that comes with the Time for Tea set.
All of these designs are available on my web site:
And in my Etsy shop:
I hope you are enjoying some lovely spring time crocheting!


Mary said...

Those doilies are beautiful. Amazing! Sadly, I do not have the talent or skill at crochet to make those. I have hope to learn and gain more skill before I grow too old though. Loved seeing the beautiful pictures. You are truly an artist with the crochet hook.

Helen said...

I came to your blog from pinterest. I just wanted to let you know that your crochet projects are amazing! I've never seen such pretty and details crocheting.