Monday, August 02, 2010

My African Violet

My African Violet is blooming; what a sweet sight on a Monday morning!
At one time, I had over a dozen different varieties of violets. Now, I have just this one, which is over 6 years old now, but still blooms regularly for me.  All I ever do is give it water once and a while.
I hope your week is filled with pretty things!


Sandra Regina said...

Olá Bella eu também gosto muito de flores e violetas são belas. Eu me lembro que na minha mesa de trabalho tinha 5 vazinhos de violetas e quando floresciam dava outro ar ao lugar. Boa semana.

Faith said...

This is a lovely one to be sure...these are my favorite house plants, I think I have 4 of them, one is now coming into bloom also. They require so little, just some tepid water and bright lite and they produce the most beautiful flowers..they are a simple joy..thanks for sharing

Maria da Graça said...

Lindas violetas.Também adoro plantas.Tenho imensas violetas,de várias cores,pena ser uma planta muito sensivel.Amiga adorava crochetar este naperom redondo que tem no blog ,branco no centro e à volta babados imitando flores,será que me cedia o esquema?
Meu email
Bjs Graça