Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lilly's Jacket

Many years ago when I was expecting my first daughter, Robyn, I was given a tiny crocheted jacket at my baby shower. It was worked in a ripple pattern, and I loved it. I have searched for years for a similar pattern, but have never found one exactly like it (I no longer have the little jacket, but oh I how I wish I did!)
Anyway, I wanted to make a jacket for my new granddaughter, Lilly, who is due to make her grand arrival next month. I went looking for ideas online, and I saw a similar jacket on Ravelry. The person who had made it said she had used a vintage pattern that was published in 1950 by Doreen Knitting Books. The book was called "Baby Gems, Vol. 100" and the designer was Nell Armstrong. The pattern is available for free online here:
I printed out the pattern, which calls for 3 ply baby yarn. I only had some baby sport weight yarn, but figured I could adapt the pattern for the larger yarn. I figured out how many stitches were in the first row, and adapted it by starting with an Eyelet Foundation (so much easier for me!)
But I could not believe the difference in size using the sport weight yarn made; plus, I tend to work loosely, so that probably made it even larger.
Anyway, I thought I could probably just omit a few rows to get a jacket that would fit a newborn, but I actually ended up making only about half of the rows called for. If I had followed the pattern as written, it would probably have fit me instead of a newborn! Of course, there is nothing wrong with the pattern itself, it is just me using the wrong yarn and not following directions!
Anyway, it turned out very sweet, and I can't wait to see Lilly in it!


Beansieleigh said...

Hi Ann! This sweater is really sweet!.. Beautiful work! ~tina

eezelifeinbc said...

Lilly's jacket is lovely. Gorgeous work.

Ann said...

Thank you, Tina. I love pink on little girls!

Thanks, Jewel! I wish I had written the changes I made down as I went; I will probably never remember what I did if I want to make another one.

glor said...

This is so pretty. What beautiful work!

crochethuahua said...

That is so cute! So dainty.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing the baby sweater! My grandmother made a sweater very close to that for me. I am expecting my first granddaughter next month & wanted to crochet a sweater like grandmas!
Thanks again for post!
Helena Georgette