Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Butterfly and Roses Pineapple Doilies pictures; And I need help!!!!!

Well, at last they are almost ready. I have been working on the Butterfly and Roses Pineapple doilies for the last few weeks (actually for almost the last year!) and I almost have them ready.
Elegant Easter Cross. This was the first one I made in this set. It was going to be a single pattern, but I decided it needed more. Angel Wings. Oh how I love the pink butterflies! Sweetheart Pineapple Doily. Sweet and Simple. Fantasy Fan Doily. Love the blue and white! Fantasy Flowers Butterfly-I always wanted to make a doily shaped like a butterfly; this was the second one I made in this set. Cameo Butterfly Doily. I really think this is my most favorite of them all.Butterfly in the Roses Doily. This is not part of the set, it will be the free gift pattern with purchase of the ebook. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I used as many different colors of varigated and shaded thread as I could in one doily. Do you think it is too busy? I was afraid it might be, so I also made it with a white background (above). Same pattern, just different colors of background.
I think I need to re-photo the last two on a different color- you can barely see the butterfly's body (it is black-can you see it in there?)
I have the patterns written, but here is where I need some help. I have decided that from now on, all my patterns will be tested by experienced crocheters before I put them up for sale. I have two very talented ladies who have already agreed to test some of my patterns for me, but I would like to find at least couple of more. I need crocheters who have at least Intermediate level crochet skills. I would prefer someone who is familiar with my patterns and my writing style.
I will not expect anyone to fix my patterns, just report back to me in the event you find a mistake or if anything is not clear to you. The finished doily will be yours to keep and do what you wish with. I do ask that all testers live in the United States, since shipping costs overseas are so high.
If you think you would be interested in testing some of my patterns, you can contact me at: for more information. Just think; here is your chance to help rid the world of pattern errors and tell a designer "Hey dummy, you messed up!" But please be kind; errors in my patterns really have been known to reduce me to tears!
Update from Ann: Thank you so much to everyone who has volunteered to test my patterns! I now have enough testers for this set, but I appreciate the offers from each and every one of you! Hopefully, this will make my patterns much more enjoyable for you to crochet.


DandiCreations said...

Hello Ann. I would be glad to help you if would like. I love your patterns.


Ana Luisa said...

good luck! I've never made any of your designs, so I wouldn't beable to help, although I will confess that I much prefer the graph form to the written only patterns for crochet.
let us know how you get on.
(I especially like the Cameo one, it's so pretty!)

crochethuahua said...

They are all so lovely I can't decide which is my favorite!

I would like to be a tester for you.

Unique2wh0 said...

Oh my goodness they are all so pretty!! Glad you got all your testers and I am sure it will go well :) Some of these would really looked nice framed...On the one you thought too busy...not to me at all I love it!!!

Rosa Goncalves said...

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Vinita said...

Hi!! Just happened to enter your blog by chance! Each one of your doilies is beautiful! I have no words to explain how wonderful they are! Have a good day!

V JR :-)

perlacarolina said...

Hello, I would love to test your projects. I am good in crocheting and I have a good command of the chrochet terminology.
I can add that my native language is Spanish and I am a translator from English into Spanish by profession, so I can translate any text.
bye for now and thank you for your time.
Perla chávez