Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Potholder Progress

Promise me something; if I ever say "I think I will do a book with about 25 patterns in it, wouldn't that be great?" Promise me you will grab me by the shoulders and shake me until I come to my senses.
I have been working on the potholder book for the last two weeks solid. I dream about it. Just when I think it is finished, I find something else I want to fix: "Oh my gosh, I forgot to add 'heavy starch' to the Materials lists!", or "Hey, there should be two * in this rosebud pattern." Then I have to check all the other patterns to make sure I didn't forget the same thing in them. And then there has been the size issue. Annie's Attic wants the pdf's to be less than 5M in size. Mine was way (and I do mean WAY) over that. So I had to go in and resize all the pictures, so on and so forth.
But... I really do think I am almost through with it (that is about the 100th time I have said that, but this time I really mean it!)
But if you don't hear from me for a while, you know where I will be; slaving over my computor, messing with pictures, adding borders, checking to make sure I used the same font on all the titles and changing the wording of patterns that are probably just fine already.
I hope it will be worth it.


RaggedyKisses said...

I can't wait for this to be available for purchase. I have been watching your labor of love with this..I am a threadie and a potholder person, so I am anxious to make some of these pretty patterns.

crochethuahua said...

Can't wait to try some of the patterns. You always come up with something sopecial!

crochethuahua said...

That was supposed to read "special" I'm wiped out from too much crocheting! lol