Monday, June 01, 2009

Special Stitches Reader's Wrap

Here is the "Special Stitches Reader's Wrap." I think it turned out really well; cozy enough to wear around the house, but classy enough to wear to the office or church.
It will soon be available from Annie's Attic and in my Etsy shop.
The "special stitches" involved are a dc cross stitch: (It is so much fun to make the dc cross stitch- it is like the stitches are skipping across the row!)
And sc ribbing on the Collar (I love the notched collar- and you won't believe how easy it is to make!) and Pockets (gotta have pockets, I'm lost with out them-or rather my glasses are!).
The yarn I used is TLC Heathers from Coats and Clark in the color "Teal". It works up beautifully!
I love this shot of Ruby in the hayfield;
she is really earning her keep around here lately.


crochethuahua said...

Ruby looks cozy!
That is a real nice wrap. The notched collar is great!

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for something like this to do. It will be wonderful in the sutumn.

Barbara said...

You design some lovely things! I really like this wrap. I haven't crocheted garments but I am having fun with vintage pot holders. I've seen an older leaflet of yours online "Crochet Vintage Potholders" Annie's Attic that I am going to buy. They are really pretty!

Faith said...

ooh I am liking this....looking forward to the pattern...looks like a breeze to work up....