Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The best laid plans....

Well, so much for my big plans for the blog this week. I was going to do a tutorial on how to do the eyelet foundation. I get more questions on it than anything else in any of my patterns. And I have everything all ready for my very first, Super Fantasic Thread Crochet Give Away!!!!!
Except for one very important thing: a camera to take pictures of it all. I left my camera at my daughter Amanda's house (where I had a wonderful weekend cooking, eating and playing with my babies, by the way) which is about 65 miles away. It is kind of hard to do a tutorial without pictures, and I don't know if anyone would want to enter a contest when they can't see what the prizes are. Hey, maybe I could have a "Mystery Crochet" contest! You could enter and just hope for the best, and hope I don't decide to send you all of my old leftover odd and end balls of thread and a bent crochet hook or something. No, nevermind, I want to show off the prizes; they really are pretty cool (if you like thread crochet, anyway). So the contest is postponed until I get my camera back, but I will try to find some extra goodies to add to the prizes to make the wait worthwhile.
Anyway, it is a beautiful day; I am going to spend the afternoon planting tomatoes and some gorgeous pink geraniums I found at Walmart this morning (I have a thing for pink geraniums). They are sooo pretty, I wish I could post a picture of them so you could see just how pretty they are. If I only had a camera.


Unknown said...

Oh, shoot! Too bad about the camera. Hopefully you will be able to get it back sooner rather than later.
I personally would love to get your balls of crochet thread...I could definately tat it up!!! Heaven KNOWS I LOVE crochet thread, LOL! I have more of that than actual "tatting" thread.

I also love thread crochet! Your patterns and work are just beautiful! I enjoy visitin your blog and I follow you in my Google Reader so I can keep up.

Definately count me in! :)

crochethuahua said...

I can't wait! Your patterns are great and I'm always waiting to see what you design next.

My DH takes all my photos. I'm not very good at it.