Saturday, January 31, 2009

I listed the Easter Doily on Etsy!

It has been a crazy week, but I finally got the pattern finished and the photography done. After a final check of the pattern this morning, I added it to my Etsy shop.

One down, 4 to go (pattern sets that I am working on, that is.)

And I talked to my friend Connie who is the buyer for the AA catalog yesterday; I am going to do two new shawls/wraps for the catalog. Whew!

The finished doily turned out even prettier than I imagined it would be. I love it, but I am glad it is finished.

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KeKe said...

Thanks for stopping by Ann!! :)
Texas is beautiful~Been there a bunch of times...just wandering 'round.
Your crochet is beautiful. The details are incredible. I didn't know you could do that using crochet~

Xo Kelly