Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Spotlight on a Crocheter: Becky Weidner

Some crocheters stick to making only hats and scarves; some only want to make doilies and items from thread; yet others prefer to make toys or baby items. But, the talented Becky Weidner makes all of these things and more! It was  a picture of her Declaration of Independence filet piece that first caught my eye, and I asked her if she would allow me to share a picture of it. But, when I saw some of her other crocheted pieces I was amazed; she not only does incredible filet pieces in tiny thread, she creates realistic birds, lovely doilies, toys, scarves, and so many other things I had trouble choosing which ones to share in the post today! All of her pieces are so beautifully made- it is no wonder she has won many blue ribbons in her local fair! Here is Becky's story:

I am the wife of the greatest man; he lets me indulge my one "vice", crochet!  We have 5 kids and 6 Granddaughters. I've been crocheting for around 40 years; my mom and Grandma taught me to crochet when I was around 10 or so. I don't usually sell the things I make or even have a web page. I just crochet because I love to! Most things I give away because someone else liked them,  too. I have made countless scarfs and hat sets for the kids in the neighborhood.

This Declaration of Independence wall hanging is from a pattern I purchased from Annie's Attic. I'm not sure if it is still available. Other pieces I've made from my own original patterns. I made this with DMC Cordonnet Special #80 and a size 14 crochet hook. This is the smallest thread I've used to crochet. It took me about a month or so to finish.  

This large angel wall hanging  hangs over our son's bed. It’s the prayer he says every night.

The Marine Corps League and Boy Scout hangings were also made with #80 thread and size 14 hook. The boy Scout one was for a very beloved out-going Cubmaster. All the boys in the pack signed it and we gave it to her at our annual banquet.

I got a Grand Prize on the blue Butterfly shawl, which is a Kathryn White pattern.

At the last county fair I got 7-1st places, 3-2nd place, 4-3rd places, 1 grand prize and Premier Crocheter. 

I am a big fan of BellaCrochet and Kathryn White's designs. I also love to make toys, baby things and afghans.

Thank you for sharing your lovely work with us, Becky! It is truly inspiring!
All pictures used courtesy of  Becky Weidner. 


crochethuahua said...

Great story! Congratulations on your county fair ribbons. Your work is lovely. I especially love the parrot, buzzard and cockatoo.

Unknown said...

Wow! I am so impresssed with your work, and the variety of projects you have undertaken. Your ribbons are well-earned!

Charlotte said...

Beautiful work! I love making different things also.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Wow...just blown away! So awesome to get to read about another crocheter. I now want to hunt down that pattern for the Declaration of Independence! Too awesome. :)

Gramma Rita said...

Such lovely pieces! For years I mostly made doilies, but nowadays I am making doilies, hats, afghans, appliques, baby sets, etc., etc. :) I just love to crochet! :D

byhooks4u said...

Wow..I don't veer from my thread to often..but she has some really nice pieces..and lots of ribbons..very nice to read about others that share the same passion.

Sherry said...

Amazing work! I have always wanted to try thread crochet and have 3 books of doilies. You inspire me to go ahead. Congratulations on all the ribbons you have received.

amamama said...

I would just like to thank Ann for finding me and my work worthy of being highlighted. I also thank all of you for the kind comments.