Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Precious Memories of Crochet: Rosina's Story

Today Rosina Smith shares a beautiful story about her mother's legacy of love and crochet. Here is Rosina's Story:
May I take up a little space here to talk about my mother? 
After Mother passed away, one of my brothers visited me with what little remained of Mother's crochet and knitting supplies. Wadded up in a small box were eleven snowflakes Mother had crocheted, all in different designs, never blocked and finished; apparently she had something in mind, but I had no idea what it was. Since she had exactly eleven granddaughters and grandsons, I decided to wash, starch, and sprinkle with Twinkle Bead each snowflake, add a hanger, and tuck each one into a Christmas card for each of her grandchildren. The card also contained a letter from me, explaining the story of the snowflakes. My hope was that the snowflake would bring them a little comfort at the recent loss of their beloved Grandma.

Would you believe ALL eleven of Mother's grandchildren – even the grandsons – either called me or emailed me to tearfully tell me what it meant to them to have one of their Grandma's snowflakes? My mother was so loved by everyone. A simple gesture of love on my part, to forward their Grandma's love, meant the world to all of them.

Please don't ever think that some small act on your part will not mean the world to someone else! Treasure your opportunities to be of service to others. The love and gratitude you receive in return will be so much more than what you gave. Although it might take years for you to receive the blessings of your act, those blessings will come.

Rosina's mother's needle gauge

Thank you, Rosina for sharing your story!
All photos used courtesy of  Rosina Smith. 


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for allowing me to share my Mother with the rest of the world. It means so much to me! She was a very special lady – and I do mean lady!

Bee Lady said...

What a very special story. I love it.

Cindy Bee

Cara Louise said...

So inspiring Rosina!