Saturday, December 08, 2012

And the Winner Is:


Tonni,  if you will send me an email and let me know which pattern you would like, I will get it  right out to you. 

I love Christmas movies, and it would be hard for me to pick a favorite (just like some of you!)
But, if I had to, I guess I would pick  'It's a Wonderful Life' or maybe 'Charlie Brown's Christmas.' But then again, I really  love Cary Grant in 'The Bishop's Wife.' And 'Christmas Vacation' and 'Christmas Story' always crack me up. And it just wouldn't seem like Christmas without watching the Grinch! Oh, well, lucky for me I don't have to pick just one, I can watch them all!
Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season so far!


Faith said...

Congratulations to Tonni...enjoy
your prize :)

Tonni said...

Thank you SO MUCH! I'm so excited. And "The Bishop's Wife"...I forgot about that one. I've got to go find it to rent now!!

Thanks again...and Merry Christmas all!

Ann said...

I just sent your patterns out, Tonni. I hope you will enjoy them!