Monday, September 10, 2012

Downloading PDF Patterns to an IPad or other Mobile Device

I have received several emails lately from customers asking if it is possible to download my patterns to their IPad.
Since I am technologically-challenged, I turned to my computer expert, Joanne, who built and maintains my website for me.
She gave me the following information, which has been added to the information on ordering on

Download to mobile device

1. Install an app like Download Everything (D/L Everythn) for iPod. It needs to say that it can unzip files like PDFs.
2. Purchase a pattern from per instructions (test with a Free Pattern).
3. On the page with the link to the download, click download.
4. Click on "Open in D/L Everythn" (top right) or the "Open in..." (top left) and select desired app.
5. In D/L Everythn Download window. Double click the zipped file and choose Extract.
6. Select the PDF and email to yourself as a back up.
7. Select the PDF and Open in iBooks (or other desired program.

This information should work for any PDF, not just my patterns. I hope it will help those of you with IPads and other mobile devices.


janice15 said...

These are beautiful leaves would love to do these...Happy Tuesday with love Janice

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this tip! It worked perfectly. I like to have my crochet patterns on my iPad, so easy to read, and zoom.

Preeti said...

Your patterns are lovely! I use all the downloaded patterns on my iPad. Most of them are in PDF format. Thank you for your tip for iPad.

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