Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vintage Crochet for Baby

Two of my greatest loves in life are babies and crochet, so I guess it is only natural that I love vintage crocheted baby items. Here are a few things I bought at antique shops years ago; I did not make them, and I do not have patterns for them, but I wanted to share them with you.

This type of matching bib and booties set was very popular in days gone by. I love the colors!
The booties  fasten with  little pearl buttons.

The delicate rosebuds and leaves are embroidered.

This beautiful little dress is one of my all time favorites. I have seen this pattern in old books, and I believe it was also offered as a kit from a thread company. I love the shaded green thread!

It just fits my new-born sized baby doll.

It closes with a row of little pearl buttons. So sweet!
I wonder about the babies that wore these items; they would be older than me, now! But this just goes to show that if taken care of, thread crochet will last for generations.


paula said...

I was going through a box I found of pictures and clothing Mom had put away. I found one crocheted bootie . . . I need to search through all the items better for the other. I am sure my grandmother made them.

I still have the most adorable Red Riding Hood doll and bride doll she made for me . . . such fine work.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother made me two beautiful dresses when I was probably about two-three years old. It was out of WWII parachute netting. I still have one and absolutely cherish it. I've often wished my mother would have given it to me when my daughter was small so I could have had a picture of her in it. I LOVE vintage patterns. I'm familiar with the bib pattern but not the booties. Do you have a link for them?

Ann said...

Hi Bev, I am sorry, I don't have any links for the patterns. I bought the finished items in an antique shop years ago, and I am not sure if patterns are available or not.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 books that were my Mothers from the 1940's. One is crochet & one is knit. In them are some beautiful baby patterns & this one looks so familiar!!
I just love the little pearl buttons that were used back then. So much classier than velcro!!
Have a Wonderful Day!!

Z said...

It's adorable!

I'm like you babies, and crocheting...of course I add a few other things to my list of things I love, but babies and crocheting are in the top five.

crochethuahua said...

Just darling! Gives me some ideas of what to make for my niece. She is due in July.

Anonymous said...

I love crocheting your Doily Patterns. The patterns are easy to follow and BEAUTIFUL when finished!

Deborah Hamilton said...

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