Thursday, October 07, 2010


 I love looking at old Workbaskets from the 40's and 50's. In addition to some really cool old crochet patterns, there are articles on growing geraniums and African violets, and recipes for things like 'peanut butter and bacon canapes' and 'grapefruit coffeecake'.
But what is really the most interesting, at least to me, are the advertisements. They  give one quite an interesting glimpse into the past.
 There are lots of ads for items designed to make crocheting easier. "Croch-Aid"; how's that for a clever name for a product? Though I am not quite sure what is supposed to do; does it just hold your thread or is there something I am missing? 

 And who knew Betty White was a crocheter? I would like to try one of her rings, though.

As you can see, women have always been interested in trying to stay slim and beautiful.
Just think, you only have to wear this for 15 minutes a day! I can just imagine David's reaction if he saw me wearing this contraption. I am sure it would be quite Thrilling!

I remember looking at these ads for dolls when I was little; I loved dolls (and I still do! ) I actually convinced my mother to order me the dolls in the "Real Dolls 1 Penny Each" ad. I was so excited; imagine, a hundred dolls! My mother warned me they would probably be too small to really play with, but I was absolutely certain they were going to be wonderful. "Just look," I pointed out to my mother, "most of them are almost as big as the girl in the picture!" I raced to the mail box every day for months, but the package never arrived. And maybe that is just as well. I am sure the 'real dolls' would never have lived up to the dolls in my dreams!
At least I didn't beg Mama to order me a pet through the mail!
At first this ad made me laugh, then I started to worry how many little dogs died while being shipped. Surely this was illegal, but maybe not. I wonder what my friend Pamela, aka Crochethuahua, would think of giving dogs away in order to sell copies of pictures. Her little "miniature dog" Ginger is her baby!
Anyway, that's all for today, except to say if Blogger doesn't do something to make it easier to post pictures I will  be moving the blog to a new location soon. It takes a couple of hours to do a simple post with pictures anymore!


eliza said...


- said...

Aw yes, a trip down memory lane...quite fun isn't it to more innocent times.

Faith said...

Check out those is all still fun to look back...I think simpler, less complicated more fun times. It is lovely. Just like everything else..when they improve one thing some thing else
takes a dive. Sometimes I think blogger is not user friendly too..I don't know of anything else. Didn't we use to be able to load several pictures at one time?

Sheltie Times said...

I love collecting the older crochet magazines. I find some online and some at sales. There are always interesting patterns and a glimpse of what people were thinking about at the time.

I have been photocopying and organizing the patterns to preserve the magazines because I am rough on patterns when I am working and some of these magazines have seen better days.

I hope you enjoy your trip through time.

lu rogeria maravilhas do trico said...

Your blog is very beautiful congratulations kisses luciana

Ms. Diva said...

A friend gave me some old workbaskets! I love them!!! Sometimes being the only knitter/crochter someone know pays!! Hahaha!

crochethuahua said...

It makes me sick thinking about mailing dogs! My little Ginger rides on the airplane with me as my carry-on.

Craftybarb said...

I have many of these and love the patterns that I find! A good pattern is timeless.