Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rescuing a Dream

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about a tablecloth I made, and how it was stolen during a move. Since I wrote that post, I have been thinking a lot about my tablecloth. It makes me sad that I no longer have it, and I must face the fact that I will probably never take the time to make another one. I actually thought about paying someone to crochet me another one from the pattern, but it just would not be the same. But after lots of reflecting on the tablecloth, and what it meant to me, I have come up with an idea.
My main feeling about my lost tablecloth is that I hope it somehow ended up with someone who appreciates it, who uses it on special occasions and takes pride in it.  And I am sure that everyone who spends so much time working on a big project feels the same way about theirs.
So here is my plan:  I am going to buy a vintage tablecloth off of Ebay. My thought is that I will be rescuing someone else's  dream. I know that for every tablecloth made, someone spent hours and hours, months, even years creating it, all the while dreaming about the holiday dinners that would be served on it, and planning whom they would leave it to when they no longer needed it. Perhaps it was made as a wedding gift for a loved one, or even to be placed in a hope chest. Every tablecloth has it's own special story. I am sure the crocheter never dreamed their beautiful creation would end up on Ebay (or that there would ever be such a thing!)
As I search through the listings, I notice many come from estate sales. But some are listed as "made by my grandmother" which makes me so sad I could cry; don't these people realize what they are selling?  I want to send them a message, telling them they are selling a heirloom, but I mind my own business. Maybe one of these tablecloths will be the one I decide to buy.
I don't have any certain style I am looking for, although I do love filet, and if it has roses in the design so much the better. But I also like the pineapple designs and the ones made from thousands of little motifs.
One thing that bugs me is the number of items listed as "hand crocheted" which are not crocheted at all, but machine made lace. But I am sure the person listing it has no idea what it really is, and 'crochet' is as close a discription they can get.
Anyway, it is great fun to search the listings, and imagine who made all these lovely items, every single one someone's dream.  I will let you know when I find and purchase the perfect one; but then again, I might not be able to stop at just one.
Wouldn't it be great to have a tablecloth collection?


Faith said...

It is very sad, to think that something which we made and put time into could be tossed away without a thought no longer wanted. On the other side of it..there is someone like you, or like myself who appreciates the piece and work which goes into it, and for us it is a treasure, the way it was intended for it to be. Crochet rescue is a good in the end it is all good. Good luck in your search for the perfect tablecloth for you..and lets hope whoever has the one you made is bringing them joy, and conisder a compliment to your work and will be taken care of and treasured although procured in the wrong way.

LoisLeigh said...

What a wonderful way to deal with the loss. At least you will treasure all the work that went into it.

Richard Rose said...

While I think it's a very noble thing you're doing I only have one thing to say. I'm not selling mine :).

Andrea said...

A fantastic idea. I recently spent some time mending a crochet blanket that belonged to a work colleague. Her great gandmother had made it and she was so sad about it's state that she was thinking of throwing it away! Once it was repaired she was in love with it again. These things are so precious!