Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ordering and Downloading Patterns from BellaCrochet.com

 'Swan Lake Doily' pattern is available for free on my new website, http://bellacrochet.com/
You will need to create an account and go through the checkout process to download the pattern, but you will not be charged for it.

Many of you have purchased patterns from my etsy shop in the past, where I sent you your patterns attached to an email. Whenever  I go out of town, I must shut the Etsy shop down,  since I will not be there to email you your purchase. Now, on my new website BellaCrochet.com, you will receive a link to download your pattern immediately after payment. You no longer have to wait on me to email them to you! The process is a little different, so I thought I would explain how it works.
Here are the instructions posted on BellaCrochet.com.

Receiving your pattern(s)

After the payment transaction is completed your account will be updated with link(s) to your products. The link(s) will remain active for 7 days and you may download your product twice. Your order confirmation email will include a link to your order. If your account has not been updated with your links in 24 hours please contact us.

Once your downloads are activated, you may access them by logging on to your account, clicking on "My Account" in the bar at the top of the page and clicking on "view" for the order you wish to access. To access an older order click on "show all orders."

You will be allowed to download each of your products twice. When you click on the download button please choose "save" (Windows) or "save file" (Mac OS) to save your PDF to your computer.

For more information click on the "ordering" link in the "Important Links" section of my website BellaCrochet.com.
I think it will make ordering patterns much quicker and easier! If you have any questions, please email me at  ann@bellacrochet.com. I want your shopping experience to be as easy and pleasant as possible!


crochethuahua said...

I love the water lilies!

Ann said...

Thank you, Pamela!

Snowcatcher said...

That is just beautiful! And how cool that your new website can deliver automatically, so you don't have to be monitoring email all day. That's a pretty big step in the business world!

Gloria Beatriz said...

Muy bello crochet!!!

jonamc said...

Love the automatic delivery! I am currently working on the Hummingbird doily--the first one will probably go to my mother, she loves hummingbirds! Can't wait to see more birds, Ann. Are cardinals in your future repertoire? I know you mentioned bluebirds. Chickadees? Orioles? Am I getting carried away? Joan

Ann said...

I think a winter themed doily with cardinals (and maybe holly leaves and berries?) would be gorgeous, Joan! I will see what I can come up with. I have already made a sketch of a doily with white doves; I think this could become a whole new series! See, I tend to get carried away, too!

Unknown said...

Olá, fazendo uma visita e conhecendo o blog e seus trbalhos que são maravilhosos...lindos....Amei todos.

jonamc said...

Can't wait to see what birds you come up with. I just had an image of a robin pullin a wriggling worm out of the ground, ewwww. Waiting anxiously for the birds. J

Anonymous said...

Me llamo Luz Maria y soy de Mex. son hermosos los trabajos y los libros me encantan , quisiera poder comprarlos para hacer todo lo que me guste. saludos cariñosos y gracias por compartir tus trabajos .