Monday, March 08, 2010

The Never Ending Doily

I started this doily last Friday. It went really quickly until I got to the last few rounds. When I started making the last two rounds of ruffles, work slowed to a crawl. I worked on the last round of edging most of the afternoon and I am only half way around it! It is for a set I am calling "Ripples, Ruffles and Roses." At this rate, this may be the only ruffled doily in the set. The hook has actually rubbed a blister on my finger, and I did not think that was possible at this point. I have had callouses on my fingers from the thread and hook since I was 18 (oh so long ago!)
Anyway, I really do love this doily, it reminds me of a tutu, so girly and pretty in pink. I just hope it is worth the pain!


Molly said...

It is gorgeous !! I am sorry it took so long to finish, that just happens sometimes doesn't it? But I think it was definitely worth it, great job.

Ann said...

Thanks Molly! I knew when I started it that ruffled doilies take longer than most, but I will be glad to see it finished!

Margaret Kiprenko said...

This is VERY pretty. Definitely worth the effort.

Juracy said...

Olá Amiga!! Estive te visitando e amei seus trabalhos, parabéns.
Me visite também.
Bjus te aguardo

crochethuahua said...

That's why I have made exactly one ruffled doily in all my 35 years of crocheting! haha

It is such a delightful color and so dainty Ann.

Sandra Regina said...

Nossa, adorei seu blog, cada toalha uma mais linda que a outra, sucesso agora que te encontrei vou segui-la sempres para aprender mais. Abraços