Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Woodland Fairy Sneak Peek

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I had a lovely time with my family, and it even snowed on Christmas Eve (which is very rare here in East Texas!) It didn't stick, but we all had fun running around in it trying to make snow balls off of what landed on the cars. I am back at home now, and hard at work on my Woodland Fairy. There has been some debate over whether she is a fairy or an elf. I think she must be a Fairy because she has wings. What do you think?
The pictures are not so good; it is dark and gloomy here today, and she is still in pieces on my blocking board (a cardboard box covered in plastic wrap!) But I hope this will give you an idea of what she will look like when she is finished: I have put lots of time into the details on this one, I must have made 20 snails before I got one I like. I really like her ears, although the first ones I made looked like horns! Adding the hair makes them look better.

I hope you like her!

Have a very Happy (and safe) New Year!


Linda said...

Hello! I just ran across your blog. You do beautiful work. I just read your tip about the black thread. I will have to do that. I have a white comforter that would be perfect to hold on my lap when I am in bed crocheting. I mostly crochet with yarn. I have thread but just never ventured to use it yet. Anyways here I am babbling. Have a great one.

Ann said...

Thank you Linda! I have to admit, using a white background has saved my sanity (and my eyes) many times when working with black thread!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Ann! I DO like her, and if my opinion matters in this instance, I thought the wings definitely classified her as a fairy! Very pretty! Happy New Year to you! ~tina

Faith said...

Oh yes, she is a beauty, I especially like her ears too. Hope your holidays were wonderful, as we approach New Year

Ann said...

I agree, Tina, I think she is a fairy. I am glad you like her!

Thank you, Faith. I hope you son is doing better!

Bj said...

Simply other way to say it!!!I design some of my own patterns as well but not nearly with the detail or talent of yours.

RaggedyKisses said...

She is so pretty!!! I think she is a fairy too!! Uh Oh!!! I see a new Fairy Series in your future!!

Happy New Year!!! Thank you for sharing your gift of crochet with us this year!!!


DandiCreations said...

I love it. I used to collect mushroom and butterfly knicknacks so I am really excited to see that you added the shrooms. I think she is more of a fairy than an elf. Can't wait to try this one.
Happy New Year!!!


Ann said...

Thank you, Anne! Yes, I am going to do a series of patterns called "Fairies and Fantasy" as part of the Lovely Ladies Doilies. There will be lots more fairies, elves (for sure!) mermaids, and any other magical creatures I can come up with. Happy New Year!

Thank you Diana, Happy New Year to you and yours!

Ana Luisa said...

looking good, well done! I like the mushrooms, although they look a little big? off somehow? can't explain, but the doily looks so pretty, and yes, she looks more of a fairie, although those ears do remind me of an elf. LOL::::
Happy New Year to you and yours.

Ann said...

I was afraid the mushrooms were too small, Ana Luisa! She is supposed to be very tiny, inside a fallen tree trunk, so I tried to make the mushrooms in that proportion.
Happy New Year!

jonamc said...

Hi Ann,
As always you do not disappoint! I love her and can't wait to try her! I made your Harvest Moon and Glad Tidings doilies for my Mother for Xmas this year and she went crazy over them! I am trying to make her doilies for every season/holiday and they were perfect. Sorry, no pics, was in a rush to wrap them. Next time I am home I will get some pics. Instead of crocheting the poinsettias, I bought lovely ribbon poinsettias and attached them to the doily, they look great! I also used metallic thread for the dress and the wings. Anyway, will send you a picture of them soon. Happy New Year and can't wait for a new year full of lovely ladies to make! Joan

Ann said...

Hi Jona!
I am so glad your mother liked the doilies! I would love to see pictures of them.
My plan is to design one doily each month in the coming year; we will see how I do!
Happy New Year!