Friday, July 31, 2009

Adventures on Ebay and a Sneak Peek at Joy

Hi, my name is Ann and I am addicted to Ebay.
There, I feel so much better.
It is true; the day I discovered that you can buy old crochet books on Ebay, I was hooked. No more searching garage and estate sales, junk shops and flea markets hoping to find an old Elizabeth Hiddleson or Lilly Mill's book I didn't already have; I could sit in the comfort of my own home and browse to my hearts content!!! But when I realized you could also buy old crocheted items (often for a pittance!) all hope for me was lost. I saw amazing creations I had never dreamed possible; beautiful Irish crochet, incredible doilies and tablecloths and magnificent filet pieces. As a designer, I was inspired by many of these lovely creations, and dismayed at the fact that they were being auctioned off to total strangers who might not love them the way they deserved to be.
But I digress..
I could spend a fortune buying up all the beautiful things I saw and lusted for; but on a designer's income, one must be selective. So, what is it, then, that I actually buy? What strikes my fancy to the point I actually plunk down my cold hard cash? Well, here are a few examples (and please note, I did not make or design any of the filet pieces shown here, they were all purchased off Ebay, so I do not have any info on the patterns or the talented persons who crocheted them):
For some reason, old filet pieces that have been worked in color fascinate me. I have done many filet pieces, but always in a single color. I can't even imagine how much work went into this piece! Even the background is incredible.
A varigated blue deer, gotta love it!!!!
This is one of my all time favorites. I love the peacock's tails! This piece is so beautifully worked, the different colors of thread are carried through the work but you can barely tell it.
What beautiful workmanship!
I love how spiderwebs are worked into this piece- and the variegated purple grapes. Beautiful leaves and clusters of grapes.

This is my newest piece. The sweet little shamrocks were calling my name. And talk about pretty! I use this little piece on my night stand. The rose and leaves look exactly the same on both sides (the front and the back.) Who ever made it was a master crocheter!
Okay, kids, that is all of the show and tell for today; except, for those of you who have asked, here is a sneak peek at the Christmas Angel doily I am working on (and please excuse the mess on my work table): So, she is bald and unblocked, but I think she is going to be very pretty when she is finished. Her name is "Joy" and I hope to have her in my Etsy shop by the middle of August. I hope you like her!


Ana Luisa said...

nice crochet finds! you sure are a happy bunny!
just today, I went downtown to buy some crochet cotton in various colours and in various weights, although they only had #10 and 20 in colours, and the #30 only came in white (boo!). I did find the black I needed, plus a variegated, in another type, this in a skein. Theye're all Omega brand.
Have a good weekend!

Ann said...

It can sometimes be frustrating, trying to find the colors and sizes of thread we want, can't it, Ana Luisa? I have never worked with Omega thread, would you recommend it?

Unknown said...

Those are some pretty finds!

Thank you for entering my giveaway! Good luck to you!

Unknown said...

P.S. We do have the same background, like you said! Great minds think alike! LOL!

crochethuahua said...

What beautiful pieces! I've done color-through-color with yarn but never attempted it with thread. Whoever did the works of art had lots of patience.
The angel doily is gorgeous Ann!

Ana Luisa said...

Ann: Omega is a popular brand here in Mexico, and unfortunately just about the only one I can find in Puebla, where I live. I CAN say it's very good quality, and never have had a problem with either the colour bleeding or fraying.

Ann said...

I have seen Omega brand thread in Hobby Lobby, Ana Luisa. I think I will pick up some next time I am there and give it a try! Thanks for the info.

jonamc said...
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jonamc said...

Hi Ann,
Looking forward to your next "lady" doily. Hoping you are going to continue on with a doily for each holiday. Now you just need Easter, St. Patrick's Day, July 4th and Thanksgiving. Something to contemplate. J