Thursday, November 20, 2008

Beaded Angel

Okay, she is not crocheted. But I have always loved those baskets made out of safety pins and beads, so when I saw this kit at Walmart yesterday, I knew that for $1.97, I had to give it a try. I first picked out a kit with pink beads, which would match my Christmas decor better (I bought all new ornaments last year, pink, cream and gold-very girly!) but this little purple sweetie just kept calling my name. So, she came home with me and I spent a couple of hours this morning putting her together, and wondering how I could adapt this whole process to include crochet (as usual).
It went pretty smoothly at first, and I even had visions of buying lots of these little kits and putting them together with my grandkids for Christmas this year. The skirt was fun to make, and I got her head and body on with no problem at all. Then I got to the arms. Whoa. Even though I followed the directions exactly (I thought) I just couldn't seem to get those tiny arms right; first they were loose and wobbly. Then I got them too high, and she looked like she didn't have a neck. On the third try, you could see where I had attached them to her body, and it made a weird looking gap in her torso. Finally, I just gave up and took them completely off. Since the kit came with lots of extra beads and wire, I improvised and strung all the beads on one short wire (in the order the directions said they should be). I secured the beads at the ends, then wrapped the center of the wire around her body. Much better. I think she looks just like the package, don't you? I proudly showed her to David, who has learned to just say "Wow, that looks great!" whenever I show him something new. But I don't think I will be making these with my grandkids; we had better stick to making cookies.

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Anonymous said...

that is cute...would be a good stocking stuffer for older kids to do. always looking for something to keep them busy! can't wait to see what you come up with