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Friday, October 24, 2014

And the Winner of the Stash Buster Plus Contest is:

Rosina Smith

Rosina if you will contact me at:
within 7 days, and let me know where you would like for me to ship your prizes to, I will get them right out to you. And of course, I will email you copies of my new pattern set, More Vintage Floral Doilies.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

I have several more contests and surprises planned for the blog, so I hope you will stop by again soon!

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Doily of a Different Color: Marie's Cherokee Roses

Marie Read sent me this picture of a gorgeous doily she made from my Cherokee Roses doily pattern. 
I love her choice of colors! She used Aunt Lydia's Antique White for the center, Olive for the leaves & Passionata for the roses. 
It gives the doily a whole different look and feel from the original:
I used Aunt Lydia's Shades of Pink for the roses in mine, and Knit-Cro Sheen Shades of Green for the center and leaves. 
Marie said her doily was a lot of work to make, but I think she did an excellent job! 
Thank you for sharing your picture, Marie!
I have not yet heard back from the winner of my Stash Buster Plus contest, 

Alicia Morris
If I do not hear from her by Oct. 22, I will select a new winner, so be sure to check back. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

And the Stash Buster Plus Winner is:

Alicia Morris

Alicia, if you will send me an email at:


within 7 days, and give me the address you would like your prize box mailed to, I will get it right out to you.

I will also email you your copy of "More Vintage Floral Doilies."

Thanks so much to everyone for entering, and please check back again soon for my next contest. I still have a huge box of thread to give away, so I will be having at least 2 more Stash Buster 

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Stash Buster Plus Contest

I have been cleaning out my supply closet, and honestly trying to get rid of some things I no longer need. Of course, I must keep all of my old pattern books, and my box full of buttons and beads, and the tub of fabric that I really am going to make into a quilt some day.
But, I was forced to admit, that I do have a lot of thread that I will probably never find a use for. Some of it is discontinued colors, some of it I ordered for a project and then decided to  use  a different color.  Some of it I bought on sale. You know how that goes.
 Anyway, I ruthlessly sorted out a big box full of both new and partial balls of thread that I had no plans for.  But the question remained, 'what to do with it?'  I would really love for someone to get some good from it, so I decided to have what I am calling my 'Stash Buster Plus' Contest.
At first  I was not sure if I should include the partial balls in the give away. I was afraid y'all would think I was being tacky, giving away my left overs, the balls that I have already used a portion of in making some of my doilies.
 So, I went on Facebook, and asked the followers of the BellaCrochet page what they thought. Most of them thought it would be just fine, as long as everyone knew that some of the balls had been used
So, here is the deal. I will be giving away a box full of size 10 crochet thread. This is the 'Stash Buster' part of the contest:

The 4 balls on the bottom row are new, and have never been used. The others are not full balls, I have  used part of them in different projects. I do not know how many yards of thread remain on them. There are different brands, but they are all size 10 cotton.

Here they are, all boxed up and ready to go! 
Please notice that I have included a partial ball of America's Best Lt. Green #55, which is a great personal sacrifice for me. When I heard Elmore Pisgah was going out of business, I stocked up on it. I use it judicially in my designs now, and  I dread the day I  run out.  I just hope some other company is making a similar color green by then.  
But anyway, because it does bother me a little bit to think that I am actually having a contest to give away used thread, I went out and bought a few brand new goodies to go with it.
This is the "Plus" part of the give away!
Look at these cool little labels! I would not put them on a doily, but they would be great on clothes and afghans! There are 9 of them in the package.
And this cute book of bookmarks designed by Wanda Stephens. It was the only thread book I could find at Walmart, but hey, bookmarks are great for using up partially used balls of thread, right?
And of course, you need hooks, you can never have too many hooks! This set of Boye's includes sizes 0, 1, 7, 8, 9 and 10. 
In addition, I will also email the winner a PDF copy of my  new pattern set "More Vintage Floral Doilies."

Okay, just to make sure that we are clear, I am giving away a box of size 10 cotton thread, some balls used, some complete. I cannot say or guarantee how many yards of thread are left on the used balls.

Also, I want to let you know that I live with a smoker. He doesn't smoke in my office or around where the thread has been stored (I really don't remember the last time he even came back here.) But, I know some people are very sensitive to smoke. If you are, you probably should not enter this contest. 
The contest is open to U.S residents only. The box will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail.
The contest will run from now until Oct. 15th. I will select the winner at random and post their name   here on the morning of Oct. 15th, so please be sure to check back to see if you won.  
If the winner does not contact me within 7 days of the end of the contest, I will select a new winner, and all prizes will be awarded to them. Failure to contact me within 7 days will result in forfeiture of all prizes. 
 Also, if you post anonymously, please be sure I have a way to identify you (at least give your first name or a nick name in your comment; I have no way of knowing who is posting.)

To enter, just leave a comment answering this question:

What do you do with all of your leftover thread?
This contest is now closed. Please stop by again soon!

Saturday, October 04, 2014

And the Winner is:


Pam,  if you will send me an email at:
and let me know the address you would like the patterns sent to, I will get them right out to you. 

I loved reading about your doily experiences! 
I guess the doily I am proudest of is my Tea Party Doily.
It was the first doily I made that combined 3 dimensional elements, and it set the tone for the doilies I have designed since then.
My thanks to everyone who entered the contest, and for all of the nice comments about my designs. 
I plan to start blogging more regularly, so please stop by again soon! 

Thursday, October 02, 2014

A Vintage Floral Doilies Contest

To celebrate the release of my new pattern set, More Vintage Floral Doilies, I am having a contest!

I will give the winner   PDF copies of "More Vintage Floral Doilies" and  the gift pattern that comes with it, "Belle in the Rose Garden." I will  also include a copy of my original patterns for "Vintage Floral Doilies." 

I will select the winner at random on Saturday morning.  I will post the name of the winner here, so be sure to check back  to see if you won. I will send out the patterns as soon as I hear from the winner.
Also, if you post anonymously, please be sure I have a way to identify you (at least give your first name or a nick name in your comment; I have no way of knowing who is posting.)

To enter, just leave a comment answering this question:
Have you ever made a doily you were especially proud of? If so, why, and what did it look like?

This contest is now closed. Please stop by again soon!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More Vintage Floral Doilies

I will be the first to admit, I have never met a doily I didn't like. But, there is just something about the combination of crocheted flowers and delicate crocheted lace worked in bright, vivid colors that I find irresistible. It is a theme I return to again and again, and never grow tired of.  

And so, I am pleased to announce the release of my newest pattern set, ‘More Vintage Floral Doilies.’ In my opinion, this is the prettiest set of doilies I have ever done.

The pattern set contains 5 designs:
Cherokee Roses -
elegant roses and leaf sprays radiate from the center of this unique doily 

Princess Odette-
a serene swan swims on a tranquil pool of blue lace 

Spring Breeze-
daffodils, roses, and violets swirl around a cheerful pinwheel center 

Butterflies and Blossoms-
vibrant butterflies and roses surround a whimsical center featuring ripples, petal stitches and a lush Irish rose
Summer Roses-
a sweet flower basket filled with fun-to-make rolled roses, framed by an elegant blue background 

In addition, as my thank you gift for purchasing this set you will also receive a copy of ‘Belle in the Rose Garden, which features a charming Crinoline lady peeking shyly over her fan as she offers a  dainty rosebud from her garden. 

You will also receive a copy of my Eyelet Foundation Tutorial, since it is used in some of the patterns.
In addition, for a limited time (now through Oct. 31st), I will also be giving a special gift with the purchase of this pattern set. You will receive a copy of my original pattern set “Vintage Floral Doilies.” This pattern set was published by Annie’s Attic in 2009, but the publishing rights have now reverted back to me. 
This is the cover of the book published by Annie's Attic in 2009; I did not use any of the AA photos or instructions in my version of the patterns 

You will receive my original versions of the patterns, so they are written differently from the ones published by AA (but they are the same designs.) The photos are also mine, so they will be different as well. I have had my version of the patterns checked by my excellent testers to make them as easy to work and as error free as possible. 
This pattern set contains seven designs:
Springtime Floral Candle Mat Doily  
May Basket 
Serene Swans  
Sweet Southern Belle 
May Baskets and Pineapples 
Butterfly Garden Doily 
and Flirty Fans

The patterns are now available for instant download in my Etsy shop. The price for the set is $9.95:

I hope you like them!