Saturday, November 22, 2008


I am so excited to have 6 of my designs on Annie's Attic's sister site, ePatterns Central!

My Super Simple Shaped Shawl (say that fast 3 times!)

Quick and Easy Readers Wrap

Candle Light and Holly Candlemat Doily and Mini Doily Set

Celtic Rose Decorative Potholders

Sunbonnet Girl Pineapple Bag Holder (she has a compartment in her under-skirt to hid plastic shopping bags in). She can either sit on a counter top or hang from the wall.

My all time favorite; the Tea Party Doily.
I am working on 4 more patterns which should be added to the ePatterns site within a couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

Love the "super simple shaped shawl" Whew! What a name! Looks great. would like to see more...

Anonymous said...

the tea party doily is too cute! what a lovely heirloom gift for a little girl. looks like your grandmother passed it down!

Deanna said...

I love the pot holders, and did not realize tea party was yours, I have always loved that one!!