Sunday, August 08, 2010

My Favorite Crochet Threads

I have been asked several times this weekend what brand of thread I use for my designs. I have to admit, I usually use whatever brand comes in the color I need for a particular design. But I do have a couple of favorites that I use whenever possible. Since I live in a rural area, it can be difficult to find thread locally, so I usually must order what I need.
I love America's Best, Art. 74p, from Pisgah Yarn and Dyeing Company, which I order here:  America's Best
They have a beautiful range of colors, and I love working with it. Check out #50, Plum! And I never let myself run out of #55 Light Green or #323 Mint Green Ombre. In fact, all of their ombre colors are gorgeous!

I also love Royale Classic Crochet Cotton, which I can often find in basic colors locally. For a greater color selection, I order from this site: Royale
They carry my all time favorites, #15 Shaded Pinks and #493 - French Rose and #401  Orchid Pink (can you tell I love pink?)

I have ordered from both of these companies numerous times (in fact I will be placing an order later today.) I  have always been pleased with their service and  received my orders promptly.

 I want to mention that I am not affiliated with these companies in any way, and do not receive any compensation for mentioning them on my blog. I know that color is an important element in all of my designs, and I want you to be able to find the colors you need!


Pammy Sue said...

Your work is beautiful, and I enjoyed looking through your site! Thanks for the info on the thread.

Typstatting said...

Thanks for the onfo. on the thread I just love looking at your blog!!! And all of the lovely things that you make.

Cindy said...

Thanks for the info on the thread. You make beautiful things with thread! I love to use #3 thread 'cause my eyesight isn't what it used to be and my hands aren't either. I love looking at your work though.

Hugs XX

Unknown said...

Beautiful Colours, and such a talented lady, thankyou for sharing with us.. :))

Christina Broad said...

Love your work and the colours are really lovely. Thanks for the info on the crochet threads, i am always looking for suppliers who have so many different colours.

Lulica con cariño said...

Felicitaciones Ann, que orgullo para mi conocer tu Blog, es una maravilla, yo también tejo al crochet y es mi pasión, pero tus trabajos son muy bueno, a partir de hoy seguire tu blog, un beso y gracias por enseñarnos tantos trabajos maravillosos,

mishap said...

I also order from them, I also like their worsted weight cotton, beautiful colors, nice company to do business with.