Friday, November 20, 2009

Baby Bella and Sedona Wrap: Any Yarn Testers Out There?

I have three new yarn designs that are almost ready to go. Although I love thread with all my heart, and consider myself first and foremost a threadie, some designs just have to be made with yarn. Which is okay, I consider it a nice change of pace. First up is the Sedona Wrap. It was really fun to make, and I like the one big button. It is One Size Fits Most and the skill level is Easy. The only thing even slightly challenging is the buttonhole, and to me the hardest thing was counting the rows to make sure I got it in the right place! Sedona's back view
Next is the first set in my new "Baby Bella" series. Each set will include a cute, easy to make baby blanket and matching booties and a cap. This set is called "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."
The cap and booties come in two sizes, Newborn-3 months, and 6-12 months. This set's skill level is Easy. I probably made 20 pairs of booties before I came up with one that is super quick to make but still looks cute! Here is the "Ring Around the Rosie" set.
So dainty and feminine!

I love these little slippers, so sweet! Almost like little ballet slippers. This set also comes in sizes Newborn-3 months and 6-12 months, and the skill level is Easy.

I have had so many of you write me volunteering to test my doilies, and I truly appreciate each and every one of you! But I know some of you do not like to work with yarn, so I am asking specifically for volunteers to test these yarn patterns. I will finish up the patterns this weekend and should be able to send them out by Monday. If you would like to test one (or more!) of these designs, please write me at:

I am changing the way I have my patterns tested a little bit. I will not be sending out the yarn for these projects (you will have to provide your own, but at least you will be free to use the colors of your choice!) I will provide the pattern for testing, then send you a corrected copy of the pattern via email when it is placed in my Etsy shop. You will also receive your choice of any pattern in my Etsy shop in appreciation for your time. The finished items will be yours to keep of course. I would love to see a picture of your finished item if possible. There are no geograpical limits on testers for these patterns, since I will not be shipping the yarn. I will need your feed back on the pattern by Dec. 14 (not a lot of time, I know, but these are all pretty easy and quick to make items.)
Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope to hear from you soon!


Ana Luisa said...

wow! gorgeous baby designs! I'd love to help out, but I'm very slow at crocheting, so I doubt I would get any one set done in time. Good luck on your testers, let us know how things get on.

crochethuahua said...

Those patterns are darling!

I'd love to do the testing on this but we are still trying to get organized and back in the groove since we just got back here to Arizona a few days ago. After the holidays I can do any thread or yarn testing you'd have me do.

Molly said...

I would be most interested in testing the Sedona Wrap for you. I do assume it is crocheted? If it is knit I am so sorry, I can't do that. I am 60 yrs old and have been crocheting since I was 8. I am a retired pre-k teacher that is confined to a wheelchair due to MS. I will enclose my blog site below. Molly

Crocheting My Best With My Worsted