Monday, December 29, 2008

Fairy Doll

I am working on a doll based on the Flower Fairy Doily. I have most of her body and her dress done. Now I am working on her features; I want her to have a face, but I don't like to embroider on crochet; it is never smooth or even enough to suit me, and it is hard to tell others how to do it. So I am trying to crochet her features.

This one of my first attempts at making crocheted eyes (kind of scary looking, huh?) They are not quiet there yet, but I think I am on the right track.
And here are a pair of blue eyes on the doll; I think I like them better, but they are not quite even. And maybe I should add a bead for a pupil. Oh well, I will just keep remaking them until I get them right.
Then I can start on her lips!

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Anonymous said...

Put a touch of white on the pupils to bring life to them...then they will look better. That is what artists do to their paintings. Try it on this....since it is also a work of art.